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Virtual intern makes his mark at Tungsten West

Tungsten West has reaped the rewards of having a talented intern as part of the team through the iMayflower Grad 2022 Virtual Internship provided by the University of Plymouth.

Max Bruce recently graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Communication with Typography from the University and was keen to put his skills to use in the workplace.

After spotting Tungsten West’s internship opportunity through the iMayflower Scheme, he sent in his application and was recruited to help the company develop branding for an exciting new initiative it is looking to launch later this year.

Max explains: “I really liked the look of the brief Tungsten West provided – they needed a brand for a new community initiative that was linked to their existing branding but had its own unique identity. It needed to be easily recognisable and welcoming to encourage local people in the areas surrounding the mine to get involved.”

Max has been working with the Environment, Social and Governance Department at

Tungsten West to provide graphic design skills to the Head of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Angie Scott.

She explains: “Tungsten West is working hard to restart mining operations at the Hemerdon Mine on the outskirts of Plymouth, and an incredibly important part of that work is setting up ways to connect and work with people living close by, who may be impacted by the mine.

“We need to raise awareness about plans for the mine, about the company and about ways we want to work with the local community to give back. We know there is a lot of work to do to build trust with people – we want to reach out to those who are most likely to the affected by the mine to make sure they are the very people who benefit most from the mine being in existence.”

One of the benefits the mine provides is the educational and work placement opportunities it provides to students and those who have recently graduated.

Tungsten West is a strong believer of growing talent within the South West and has already hosted students from the Camborne School of Mines and the University of Plymouth through placements and internships.

The iMayflower Grad 2022 Virtual Internship connects newly graduated students with potential future employers and provides 38 hours of paid work funded by the University.

Sarah Holcombe, Knowledge Exchange Specialist for IMaylfower: “Our Virtual Internships offer graduates the opportunity to gain practical experience of working in a freelance way, networking with new and potential clients, and earning a graduate wage.

“The Scheme also connects employers with potential future employees – with each party trying out the relationship before they commit to further work together. We’ve had some incredible success stories since we launched in 2020.

“You can find out more about the full range of internships and placements available through the University of Plymouth on our website.”

Max summed up by saying: “This has been a great experience that I’d recommend to other graduates. I’ve enjoyed my time working with Tungsten West and appreciate the trust they put in me to create a brand identity that not only reflects, and is an extension of, their company but also impacts the local community.”

Check out examples of Max’s work on his Behance profile, the world’s largest network for showcasing and discovering creative work and talent.

Tungsten West aims to restart mining productions at the Hemerdon Mine during 2023, when it is likely to employ around 200 people and indirectly support a further 1,200 jobs through the supply chain.

23 August 2022


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