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Tungsten West's success hinges on the backing of our local communities where we operate. Tungsten West is committed to maintaining the positive rapport we've established with these communities and their ongoing support for our development strategy and operations.

Boosting the local economy

At Tungsten West, our foremost priority is fostering sustainable economic activity near our operations, especially during a time when rural employment and the local economy face challenges. By employing local residents, we anticipate creating up to 300 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs over the mine's lifespan, positively impacting both the economy and society in the region. Our current team primarily comprises local individuals deeply rooted in the community.

We also prioritize sourcing from local suppliers whenever feasible for our Hemerdon Mine needs. Conversely, we have potential to sell the aggregates produced at Hemerdon to local construction companies, ensuring their stable, long-term access to these materials while reducing our carbon footprint.


Supporting local causes

Where possible Tungsten West has supported local causes and organisations. For example, we have supported the Plymouth Tree Partnership, Sparkwell School and Dartmoor Zoo. 


Once funded and in production we will be able to support in a financial capacity more regularly. 


Listening to our neighbours

As part of our community engagement, we offer channels for communication and actively address concerns. Tungsten West ensures ongoing open and transparent dialogue with local communities through regular forums. We maintain a community presence at Shaugh Prior, Cornwood, and Sparkwell Parish Councils to provide updates, attentively address local issues, and respond to inquiries.

Tungsten West can be contacted here.

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Public Consultation

The previous operator of the mine had not foreseen that LFN would have such an impact in the local community. We moved proactively to study the issue and design mitigations. We outlined the findings at a public engagement event at Hemerdon and Sparkwell Village Halls. 

We are studying and finding solutions for other community and social impact. Our approach is to conduct more public engagement sessions to inform local communities of our progress restarting Hemerdon.

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