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2021.01 Electrical Supervisor C3




22 Jan 2021


10 March 2021 at 00:00:00

Competitive salary, Permanent position

Plymouth, South Devon, UK

Join the Tungsten West Limited (TWL) team working on the mine re-start through being an integral part of the team throughout the feasibility study, project re-build, commissioning/ramp-up and into production. Preference will be given to potential candidates who have gained Electrical and mechanical Maintenance experience in metalliferous mining or quarrying,

Key in this role is the requirement to:

  • Work in a responsible and safe manner, always upholding the standards of best practice.

  • Comply with responsibilities as laid down in the Group’s Health, Safety & Environment Policy and as explained in Site Health and Safety rules/procedures.

  • At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.

  • Contribute to improving the business, protecting and enhancing the reputation of the company, by putting forward new ideas and, when requested to do so, implementing change.

  • Adopt a practical approach to the work and the ability to effectively supervise site jobs

  • Work in an organised and structured manner to meet deadlines and avoid mistakes.

  • Liaise with the broader TWL team and other relevant departments as required

  • Assist the Tungsten West team with other relevant work as required

More specifically the role will involve:

  • Working as the electrical supervisor of the maintenance team

  • A leadership approach to product and process development.

  • Proactively identify and solve problems and to increase reliability and efficiency.

  • To assist in achieving maximum production efficiency, by using a pro-active approach in preventative / predictive maintenance techniques.

  • Coordinating planned works as part of planned maintenance, continuous improvements.

  • To utilise the planned preventive maintenance system to ensure all the equipment is maintained regularly.

  • Overseeing the Stripping and assembly of equipment.

  • Test and Inspection of equipment, recording of defects and deficiencies.

  • Service, test, diagnose and repair systems.

  • Reporting to the Department head with detailed reports.

  • Lead and promote a Safety-First culture within the department.

  • Ensure that all works instructions are followed and align with risk assessments.

  • Report issues with equipment or unsafe conditions.

  • To carry out all types of engineering installations.

  • Liaising with the Tungsten West team and other relevant departments as required.

  • Assisting the Tungsten West team with other relevant work as required.

Must have experience in the following areas:

  • Industrial electrical supply systems.

  • 3 Phase motor control.

  • Instrumentation and control systems.

  • Pneumatic control.

  • VSD and DOL starters.

  • Fault finding.

  • Minimum of 10-15 years’ time served as a Qualified Electrician.

  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Test and inspection.

  • SCADA control system.

  • Mechanical knowledge.

  • Must be able to demonstrate strong leadership skills due to offering support to the engineering team.

  • Excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

Necessary Qualifications:

  • Relevant engineering qualification in electrical engineering

  • 17th-18th Edition electrical regulations.

  • Inspection and testing 2391.

  • Ideally a background in heavy industry.

Desirable Qualifications.

  • HNC/HND Electrical Engineering would be desirable but is not essential.


We are seeking candidates eligible to work in the UK, with a relevant degree or qualifications and a UK (or equivalent) car driving licence.  The successful candidate will be happy working in a dynamic, hardworking environment and integrating with and assisting the broader project team. Candidates should be computer literate, physically fit and happy to work outdoors in all weather.  Previous experience working in the mining industry is highly desirable.

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