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Aim Rule 26

The following information is being disclosed for the purposes of Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.

The information on this page was last updated on [14 October 2021].

Description of the Business

Tungsten West plc is a UK based company, incorporated in 2019 for the special purpose of restarting the world-class Hemerdon Tungsten-Tin Deposit in South Devon, UK.

With the mine holding the world’s fourth largest Tungsten Resource and having a life of mine of 18.5 years, the company is focused on supplying the growing demand for Tungsten, a strategic metal, by updating and restoring its world class deposit. In addition, the Company plans to sell high-quality secondary aggregate materials nationwide.

For more detail please see the Corporate Strategy page

The Company is incorporated and registered in England and Wales (registration number 11310159) and was incorporated on 16 April 2018. The Company operated under the name of Tungsten West Limited from 2019 and the re-registration to Tungsten West plc was completed on 29 September 2021.

Tungsten West plc’s geographical focus is on the Hemerdon Mine located in South Devon, UK.

For more detail about the project, please see the Project page

Shareholder Information

Tungsten West PLC is admitted to trading on the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") of the London Stock Exchange under the stock symbol TUN. The Group does not have any other securities admitted or traded on any other Exchanges or Trading Platforms.

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Financial Information

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Company Announcements

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Corporate Documents & Circulars

Please see the Corporate Documents & Circulars page

Corporate Governance

Please see the Corporate Governance page

Board of Directors & Key Management

Please see the Board and Management page

Board Committees & Responsibilities

Please see the Board Committees & Responsibilities page

UK City Code on Takeovers & Mergers

Any transactions in Common Shares in the Company will be subject to the UK Takeover Code and therefore, shareholders will be afforded the protections of the UK Takeover Code.

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Please see the Advisors page

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